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Washing Machine Ice Chest

The holiday season is upon us and that means parties and family gatherings. 

Maybe not all of us are blessed with an ice chest, or maybe we just don’t have a big enough one on hand. Well here is a clever little tip when it comes to serving cold drinks at your next party: Store them in your washing machine!

Just think about it, you pour the ice into the washing machine, you put a case of beer (or soda) in there and then slowly bring them out to replenish drinks in the party atmosphere. You could of course also let guests pick right out of the machine. They will think you are so clever and innovative. But not all of us are blessed with an easily accessible laundry room, so just invest $10-$20 in a cute tin bucket that will actually fit on your table or counter top! And no need to worry about lugging that heavy cooler off to drain, your washing machine drains itself as the ice melts! Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy! 

Bye-bye ugly cooler, Hello washing machine!