“Insert Corny Title Here”

I guess I have been living under a rock all of my life, because whenever I get ears of corn, I spend forever trying to peel off all of the silk and clean them. Then I do the typical boil in water.

So when I decided to finally cook up the ears of corn I purchased at the farmer’s market, something possessed me to look up how to oven bake corn. And holy moly! I will never go back to boiling corn, EVER!

It couldn’t be more simple.

1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

2. Place ears of corn, husks and all, on a baking sheet (or directly on the rack, but I didn’t want to risk my silk catching fire!)

corn 1

3. Bake ears of corn for 30 minutes.

corn 2

Ignore that one corn, I had already shucked one corn before I decided to look up oven baked, so I just wrapped it up in tin foil with butter, salt, pepper, and paprika to compare. And honestly, I liked the plain better!)

4. Remove from oven, wait a few minutes until corn is cool enough to be handled. Cut the top of the husk (the part with the silk) off and peel down the husk.

corn 4

corn 5

The husk and silk just fell right off! We are strange and always eat corn off the cob. I just can’t stand it in my teeth!

corn 6
Yes, I use Christmas plates all year round, I also use Christmas bed sheets! Haha.

My favorite thing about this method (besides how easy it is) is the fact that I literally didn’t add anything to the corn. No butter, salt, pepper, etc. My guy didn’t even really noticed. After dinner, I asked how he liked the new cooking method and his response, “It was good, but could have used more salt.” I just started laughing because in my mind, he asked for more salt, which means he thought I seasoned it already, he just wanted to more.

But really you don’t need salt, I loved it plain. It was so sweet and bursting with flavor. Our taste buds in my opinion are still just adjusting because we are so used to putting junk in our bodies covered in salt to disguise the flavor!

What is your favorite way to prepare corn on the cob?Happy Eating


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