Target Savings

It’s Fall Y’all!

I love fall and Glade scents, so when I saw that Target had some on sale, I had to go pick some Pumpkin Spice things up!


I also bought a 24oz Dove body wash and 3 (64oz) Cranberry juices. My over all total savings without tax was $23.41 or 49.9% off retail price. Let me break it down.

Total Retail: $46.70
Total Spent: $23.41
MF/Target Paper Coupons: $13.74
Employee Discount:$2.84
Red Card: $1.24
In store Sale: $4.67

It’s not as free as my last trip, but I only planned like 30 minutes for this one and stocked up on expensive Glade items! Not too shabby for 8 plug-in refills, 1 pkg wax melts, 1 can aerosol spray, 1 double spray starter kit, 24oz Dove soap with a tiny sample, and 3 (64oz) cranberry juices!

Not to mention we will actually use all of the stuff, so it’s not really wasting money!


Note: all prices are before tax!


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