What Day Is It?!

You caught me, it is not really Hump Day, but I had like the best experience of my life the other day when I visited a wildlife ranch and I can’t stop thinking about all the cool animals I got to meet!



I only like this picture because I look decent without knowing I was being photographed. Finally proud of losing 30 lbs.


 I love this little guy. 



My face is priceless. This sweet guy survived being hit by a car with only a shattered jaw.(My face is like this because he snuck up on me and all I felt was his drool on my leg!)


One of my most favorite pictures just because my guy captured my true childlike happiness!

Back to business!

Oh how the time flies when you are having fun being slightly overwhelmed!

This changing my life and “getting clean” has been a really eye opening experience in more ways that one. I have learned so much in many different areas. So many things I probably won’t remember to write them all down! But here are a few things I do remember.

Life Lessons

1.CALORIES AREN’T #1! I repeat, Calories Aren’t #1! Seriously. Why has it taken all of my life to figure this out? You know what is important? The things you put inside and on your body. This includes: foods, drinks, lotions, makeup, personal hygiene items, even household cleaners. Now I am NOT saying go out and eat all the organic, clean desserts that you want. Just eat quality foods with fruit and vegetables being the main focus, then whole grains, meats, and dairy. And the occasional dessert, because this is not a diet it is a lifestyle, and no one should feel guilty about eating something they love!

2.Skim milk tastes like $%*! Who convinced us that wonderful cow’s milk is good for us when they remove all the cream or “fat”? Well I fell for it all my life, until last week when I tasted some non homogenized whole milk. Sure you have to shake it up. Just look at it as your daily arm workout, like that worthless Shake Weight but in milk form! It has the best, creamy texture and a nice fresh flavor! So much flavor, you might be able to stop serving your family that high fructose syrup/artificial colors junk they label as “strawberry” and “chocolate” flavoring. (Or at least make your own at home, which I hope to review one day!)

3. We’re Lazy and we like to waste money. I cannot believe the money I have wasted on buying some pre-packaged things such as pizza dough/crust. Did you know it only takes: Yeast, Flour, and Salt. Oh and water if you count that! I bet most people have all of that in your pantry, and if you don’t have yeast you can get a big bottle for around $5 that will last forever since you only use 1 teaspoon per batch. Note: yeast won’t literally last forever, I’m pretty sure it is only 6 months in your fridge after opening. There are many other examples out there: pizza sauce, pasta sauce, ketchup, bread crumbs, salad dressing, mac n cheese….well you get the idea. Even things as simple as shredding or slicing your own cheese! At my local natural store this week bulk cheese blocks were on sale for $2.99 a pound. Pre-shredded cheese of the same variety you ask? 2 for $6 (8 ounces each pkg aka 1lb total). That’s right, double the price per pound! Drop that bag of shredded cheese and run towards a cheese grater!

4. Change doesn’t happen overnight! If you are like every other American, you love instant gratification. Well this is a long process, that will take time and patience. I say it is long because of all the research I have done on every single item I want to change, going to the grocery stores around me to find the best prices, reading a LOT of labels, tasting some not so great recipes, cleaning out my home, and I am still not even done!

5. You can’t force someone to like or want to eat clean. I can feel my guys eyes roll into the back of his skull every time I open my mouth about “being clean”. You just have to do it for you and provide them with the healthy clean item. If they want something bad, make them go out and buy it/cook it for themselves. 

That’s All Folks!



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