3 Ingredient Pancakes

You know how sometimes you just really want to make a certain item, even if you don’t have all the right ingredients? Well this was one of those mornings for me. Except, I had all the ingredients for regular pancakes, but not quite the right one for 3 Ingredient Pancakes.

It all started on Pinterest one day when I was browsing pancake recipes and found some in which you used bananas as the base. Sounds healthier right? (I’m still trying to process that in my mind when one cup of whole wheat flour equals about the same calories as a large banana, but okay! Different nutrients vs same caloric value.)

Anyways, I found this link for 3 Ingredient Pancakes. How hard could that be? Well I would say this morning was kind of a fail.

You can find much better pictures from the original site, but I will still share!


Ingredients: 1 Large Banana, 2 Eggs, and Cinnamon (optional)

It is suggested to use a nice, very ripe banana. This is maybe where I went wrong because all I had were frozen bananas for my smoothies. While I did freeze them when they were super ripe, This might have affected the texture. (I defrosted one before mashing!)

Step 1: Mash the banana in a small bowl.
Step 2: Stir in two large eggs and cinnamon (I honestly just shook some in because the original recipe didn’t specify)
Step 3: Cook on stovetop on lightly greased pan (you can grease with cooking spray or butter; I personally use an olive oil spritzer to avoid the chemicals from cooking sprays like PAM)

Hints: It was suggested to make them small because they are flimsy and don’t hold together well like other pancakes. Man was that right, but I couldn’t help making them big since my batter was so thin and runny it spread out fast no matter how little I added. Maybe you could use a circle egg shaper (so don’t know the technical name!)





Okay, they turned out decent looking enough photograph wise.


1. They were very, very thin.
2. One side was very brown and the other wouldn’t darken (could have been a problem with my electric stove and heat distribution)
3. Nearly impossible to flip and keep them looking nice
4. Very spongy, bland flavor. Basically tasted like banana flavored scrambled eggs.
5. They get cold very quickly, and I personally love hot pancakes and not cold eggs. =]

I honestly tried to eat them because I told myself with this experimenting and learning about new foods I wouldn’t waste (my biggest fear since we already have a tight budget), but I just couldn’t finish my plate.

In conclusion: This plate probably had around 240 calories before I added toppings. (I am totally roughly basing that on the fact that a large banana is around 100 kcal and 2 large eggs are 140 kcal, nothing too scientific haha) With that said, I would rather find a recipe for healthy panackes using flour (and maybe banana too) and more ingredients in order for it to taste more like the ones I grew up with. I am searching for lower calories, dense in nutrition, not processed, and no flavor sacrifice. That might be a lot to ask, but I am determined I can find that for all my favorite foods!


This recipe was originally found here:

This is simply a review of my experience and my preferences and is not meant to be negative toward the original postee. I have nothing but respect for fellow bloggers! =] I encourage you to try it for yourself and let me know how it turned out for you and any tips you found useful!


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